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Wednesday, September 13


6:00 – 9:00 pm EST


ZOOM Webinar

  • Florida: CEAA# 21-0462 (3.6 CIE credits)
  • North Carolina: 3 CEUs (Ethics)
  • Pennsylvania: 3 CEUs (Ethics)

This 3.0-hour, language-neutral ZOOM webinar seeks to enhance the interpreter’s knowledge of the Code of Professional Ethics to enable him/her to better handle on-the-job ethical situations that may and do arise. Interpreters are constantly faced with challenging moments while fulfilling their duties in the legal setting: difficulties with proper register, slang, idiomatic expressions, obscenities, attorneys questioning the accuracy of the translation—to mention a few. This will be a hands-on webinar filled with dynamic exercises.

This workshop will focus on reinforcing the importance of the Interpreter’s Code of Professional Ethics:

Interpreter’s Code of Ethics

  • Accuracy
  • Impartiality & Neutrality
  • Never Give Legal Advice or Opinions
  • Maintaining Proper Professional Relations
  • Commitment to Continuing Education and Professional Development


  • Approximately 30% lecture and 70% guided exercises
  • Exercises: Role-play, Case Studies, and accuracy techniques
  • Q & A and group discussions

Invest in your professional growth, amplify your ethical prowess, and be partof a vibrant community dedicated to elevating interpreting standards.
See you there!

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