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  • Florida: CEAA #17-0188 – 4.2 CIE credits

This 3.5 hour, language-neutral advanced skills building clinic seeks to help the professional interpreter improve his/her Simultaneous Interpreting skills through hands-on, guided simultaneous interpreting practice in:

  • Meaning vs Words
  • Fluid Listening
  • Segment Recognition
  • Queuing & Heeling
  • Concentration
  • Speed and Performance

Participants will polish these skills through intense practice with a variety of SI materials adapted from authentic legal proceedings and conferences.

Simultaneous Interpreting is considered the most challenging of the three interpreting modes: Sight Translation (SI), Consecutive Interpreting (CI) and Simultaneous Interpreting (SI). If the interpreter falters during simultaneous interpreting, it is generally due lack of subject knowledge, specific vocabulary, and speaker’s speed. The interpreter falls behind, omits important information, loses the “thread” of meaning, and thus lacks ACCURACY.

This workshop aims to reinforce CORRECT simultaneous interpreting techniques through intense classroom practice.

Fine tune your Simultaneous Interpreting skills through intense practice with a variety of materials adapted from authentic legalproceedings and conferences!

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